Make It Funny

Tragic, challenging or just plain boring, our first Talking Writing of the year brings together writers who find humour in the typically unfunny.

Junkee’s News and Politics Editor, Osman Faruqi, will chair a panel including renowned tragic comic Annaliese Constable, slam poet and performance artist, Kevin Duo Jin, and Sweatshop’s Associate Director, novelist Tamar Chnorhokian.

In what ways does comedy open us up to new ideas? Are there limits to who can joke about what? Expect readings, discussion and, of course, laughs.

Thursday 5 April, 6.30-8.00pm
NSW Writers’ Centre, Callan Park, Rozelle

Members with a plus one: Free
Non-members: $10

George Catsi is a national award winning performance writer, a performer, comic, academic, and media maker working in film, theatre, business, health and education. Starting his working life as a registered nurse, George cut his teeth in comedy in the satirical trio Gods Cowboys, which toured Australia extensively in the 1990s. He is he national winner of the Kit Denton Fellowship for Courage & Excellence in performance writing for his satirical evangelical script, “I Want to Be Slim”, and he has performed his comedic memoir show Am I Who I Say I Am? across 3 seasons. As an academic, George teaches in Design Thinking, entrepreneurial and performance writing. He has a Doctorate in Creative Arts that explores persuasive performance using Christian fundamentalist evangelists as case studies. His research interests are performativity and its role in leadership — both toxic and charismatic. Amongst other things, he was executive producer / co-artistic director Flickerfest International Short Film Festival (Australia) and executive producer / creator of a health TV channel – RPAtv— which was shortlisted NSW Premiers Award. On the community level he is President of the Petersham Bowling Club where he led a team that turned around a failed club, destined for the developers, by removing poker machines and creating a thriving arts, music and and community hub — which has won multiple awards for sustainability leadership. He has presented on a range of topics including: Creativity; Perceptions of Evil and Human Wickedness; Satire; and National Identity (he thinks maybe they are all the same thing).

Tamar Chnorhokian is Associate Director of SWEATSHOP: Western Sydney Literacy Movement. She completed a communications degree in writing and publishing at the Western Sydney University in 2004. Her debut novel is The Diet Starts On Monday (SWEATSHOP 2014) and she has also worked as a columnist, journalist and freelance writer. She is the recipient of the 2016 Copyright Agency, WestWords Western Sydney Emerging Writers’ Fellowship and is currently developing her second work of fiction.

Annaliese Constable is a writer, performer and queer rights activist working across standup, queer performance and theatre. Renowned for self deprecating and tragic comedic works Annaliese has been a regular contributor to Erotic Fan Fiction, Confession Booth, Queer Stories, Story Club and FBi’s Versus with Eddie Sharp. Annaliese’s autobiographical work explores themes of class, gender, disability, addiction, mental illness, sex, and sexuality. Annaliese has worked in Community Health supporting vulnerable communities for over 10 years and is committed to issues of social justice and equity. Annaliese is funny for a girl, pretty for a lesbian and when she can afford it very well medicated.

Kevin Duo Jin is a Sydney-based comedian, writer, director and poet. He has performed all over Sydney in the past three years, including at the 2016 Bankstown Poetry Grand Slam at the Art Galley of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and he was NSW State Finalist in the 2018 Raw Comedy Competition.  He has had his rat-tail since he was born.

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