Forest for the Trees 2014

Forest for the Trees was a one-day seminar looking at the state of publishing for Australian writers held on Thursday the 22nd of May, 2014.  The seminar brought together writers, publishers, editors, and booksellers for a series of discussions.

Crime writer Michael Robotham and debut novelist Eimear McBride talked about the challenges of maintaining a career as a writer.  Publishers discussed the creative avenues they use to find and promote authors.

The conversation covered mainstream, digital and independent publishing, ending with a panel of industry experts to shine some light on the year ahead.

Forest for the Trees gave an industry perspective on the state of the writing world in 2014.

If you missed out on the seminar or would like to revisit it, you can listen to audio of the sessions here:

My Path Through The Forest with Michael Robotham

Staying on the Path with Eimear McBride and Michael Robotham

Pushing Your Own Cart with Kate Forsyth, Kirsten Krauth and Darrell Pitt

To Market, To Market with Kelly Fagan, Louise Sherwin-Stark, Mark Harding and Helene Byfield

Hunting and Gathering with David Henley, Robert Watkins, David Winter, Rose Michael, and Inga Simpson

The Yellow Brick Road with Andrea Hanke, Lou Johnson, John Purcell, Brett Osmond, Julie Pinkham, and Michael Robotham

Read the tweets that went out on the day here.

Read ebookedit’s detailed blog post  about the ‘Pushing Your Own Cart’ panel here.

Download the Forest for the Trees program here.

Download Forest for the Trees’ 2013 program here.

Download Forest for the Trees’ 2012 program here.

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