History Writers’ Festival 2010

Writing the Past

Saturday 13 March 2010

“Writing the Past” is certainly a good definition of the broad genre of history writing, but this title could also be heard another way. Perhaps as “Righting the Past”.

All writers can be said to be making the world right. Telling a story their way, making their world, introducing characters and situations and then making it “turn out right”. Does this also apply to history writing? Isn’t it also “writing the past”, trying to tell a story, a true story, in the right way? But whose voice to choose? Whose perspective to write from? What research to select and what to discard?

These and many other questions were discussed at the 2010 History Writers’ Festival by professional historians, academics and novelists.

With Paul Ashton, Margo Beasley, Meenakshi Bharat, James Bradley, Gabrielle Carey, Bruce Carter, Peter Cochrane, Cathy Craigie, Anne Curthoys, Peter Doyle, Mark Dunn, Delia Falconer, Shirley Fitzgerald, Tom Gilling, Robert Gray, Paula Hamilton, Ashley Hay, Catherine Jinks, Jacqueline Kent, Mark McKenna, David McKnight, Lisa Murray, Camilla Nelson, Peter Read, Sue Rosen, Leanne Tobin

Download the full program:Writing the Past Program



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On the Veranda, 2010 History Writers' Festival





2010 History Writers' Festival

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