How secure is my payment?

The Centre uses a WP plugin called Offline Credit Card Processing for WP e-Commerce

This plugin allows the Centre to keep our costs low while maintain a high level of security for all of the people who book through our website.

Some important points about this system

  1. Your Credit card number is not stored in its entirety anywhere. It is split in three. One quarter is emailed directly to us (our emails are not linked to our website), one quarter goes on a packing slip and another quarter remains with your original order
  2. The packing slip portion can only be opened once then it is deleted off of our system
  3. All of your financial records are deleted 72 hours after you enter them.
  4. Your payment is manually processed by one of our staff members after which time you will receive your receipt

if you are not confident as us in this system then call us between 9am and 5pm (or Saturday morning between 9am and 1pm) on 9 555 9757 and make a booking directly.

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