2011 Better Business Writing

Who: Tony Spencer-Smith
When: Friday 11 November 2011, 10am – 4pm
Cost: Full price: $150; Member: $105; Conc Member: $90
Code: 11SPEN11

You’re good at your job but get a sinking feeling when it’s time to write reports, emails, proposals or other business documents. You know what you want to say but struggle to express yourself clearly and succinctly. You’re a good writer, but your grammar and punctuation are letting you down.

Being able to write clearly and concisely, and structure your material for maximum effect, is a key communication skill. Tony Spencer-Smith is an award-winning novelist, a corporate writer and writing trainer. In this one-day course, Tony will help you to use words more effectively at work. Whether you work in the public service or the private sector, are an admin assistant or a CEO, Tony will show you how to communicate clearly, concisely and appropriately for your audience. .....

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2011 Seminar: Everything You Need to Know About Publishing

Who: Jude McGee, Nicola O’Shea, Anna Maguire, Debbie Higgs, Michael White and guests
When: Saturday 3 & Sunday 4 December 2011, 10am – 4pm
Cost: Full price $290; Member $205; Conc Member $175
Code: 11MCGE12

Publishing: it’s the holy grail of the writing world. Many try, few succeed. This two-day seminar will take you beyond the iron gate and inside the world of modern publishing with experts from the industry. Whether you’re looking at commercial or self-publishing or can’t decide, whether you’re interested in mainstream or digital publishing, this seminar is one you can’t afford to miss. .....

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2012 Going Freelance

Who: Barry Divola
29 April 2012, 10am – 4pm
Cost: Full Price
$150; Member $105; Conc Member $90

Ah, the life of a freelancer writer. Up at the crack of noon, pants optional and working only when you damn well feel like it. Sounds too good to be true? That could be beacuse it is.

Get the real story from Barry Divola, who has been a full-time freelancer for over 20 years. How do you start? What should you write? How do you get story ideas? How do you write effective pitches? Who do you approach? How do you deal with evil, uncaring editors? How do you structure appealing stories? How do you organise your time? And should you wear pants? (Hint: yes). .....

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2012 Seminar: The Business of Being A Writer

Who: Judith Ridge, Angelo Loukakis, Pamela Freeman and Dale Hollingsworth
When: Saturday 25 February 2012, 10am – 5pm
Cost: Full Price $150; Member $105 (30% disc); Conc Member $90 (40% disc)
Code: 12RIDG2

You decided to become a writer because you’re good at expressing yourself creatively. What you weren’t expecting was all those other aspects you have to deal with – contracts, copyright, finances and how to promote yourself. .....

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2012 Emerging Writers' Festival Roadshow - Sold Out!


When: Saturday 3 November 2012, 10am – 6pm
Full Price
 $80; Member Price $55; Concession Member Price $45

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is back at the NSW Writers’ Centre, presenting the best of their annual ten-day festival in a special one-day event.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow program includes a series of panels and discussions about writing, writers and literary life; practical sessions such as The Pitch – offering no-holds-barred advice on the art of pitching your writing to editors, publishers and agents; the much-loved Creative Writing Bootcamp; and Living Library. .....

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2012 Seminar: The Business of Being a Writer

With Judith Ridge, Angelo Loukakis, James Roy and Steve Miller
Saturday 21 July 2012, 10am – 5pm
Full price:
$165; Member: $115; Conc Member: $100

This writer’s seminar will provide you with an introduction to the business side of being a writer: those legal and financial aspects you may not be familiar with or don’t have the expertise to deal with. You decided to become a writer because you’re good at expressing yourself creatively. What you weren’t expecting was all those other aspects you have to deal with – contracts, copyright, finances and how to promote yourself. .....

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2012 Seminar: Storytelling in the Digital Age LIMITED PLACES LEFT!

Who: Jennifer Wilson
When: Thursday 26 July 2012, 6:30 – 9:30pm
Full price:
$50; Member: $35; Conc Member: $30

As consumers move their attention to interactive screen devices from paper and fixed (tv, cinema) screens, this presents both challenges and opportunities for writers and story creators. The development of multiplatform and transmedia narratives offers new options for writes, but also has different demands.

Join Jennifer Wilson, Director of The Project Factory to learn about: What is non-linear story telling? Who is the ‘audience’ when they are also creating the story? Is control important and how (and when) do you need to surrender this?
Digital and interactive experiences still need a story, a plot and good writing – whether a rich web site, a massive multiplayer game or just a nice little mobile app. .....

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2012 From Writer/Illustrator to Presenter

Who: Eleanor Shakiba
When: Saturday 28 July 2012, 9am – 4pm
Full price:
$185; Member: $130

Are you an expert in your writing craft who wants to learn how to make presentations to schools and other groups, to run courses, or simply to speak at functions? Have you learned how to present workshops through trial and error and would like to polish your skills? Would like to become a professional presenter but aren’t sure where to start? This workshop will help. Learn to assess and meet the needs of participants in your groups. Plan interactive workshops, get your timing right, create professional teaching resources and learn to handle tough situations in groups.


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2012 Digital DIY: Reaching Your Readers with Ebooks and Print on Demand

Who: Linda Funnell, Anna Maguire, Joel Naoum, PM Newton and guests
When: Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 November 2012, 10am – 4pm
Full price: $320; Member: $225; Conc Member: $190

Want to take control of your publishing? Interested in ebooks? Unsure about print-on-demand? This two-day seminar covers the nuts and bolts of doing your own digital publishing, from identifying your audience to formats, uploads and promotion. 

Convenor Linda Funnell has extensive experience as a publisher (HarperCollins, Random House) and will introduce you to the key points of taking a book to readers with a series of expert speakers. .....

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2013 Spoken Stories: Improve Your Storytelling Skills

To join the waiting list please email us.

Who: Anna Conomos
Saturday 9 February 2013, 10am-4pm
Full price: $165; Member: $115; Conc Member: $100

Build your storytelling skills and confidence in public speaking with award-winning storyteller Anna Conomos. This practical workshop will break down the techniques required to enrich your narrations and presentations both in the home or work place.

Using fairy-tales as a basis, the workshop will focus on structure, craft and vocal and physical skills in order to bring the story to life. .....

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2013 Seminar: Writing for the International Theatre Market

Who: Timothy Daly
When: Tuesday 12 March 2013, 6:30pm-9:30pm
Cost: Full price:
$50; Member: $35; Conc Member: $30*
*Australian Writers’ Guild members are eligible for the member price.

Australia is less than 4% of the world theatre market, but many Australian theatre writers have been neglecting the remaining 96%. Timothy Daly is one of Australia’s most internationally produced playwrights, with productions of his plays in many countries. This detailed and practical seminar shows you how to get your work into the world’s largest theatre markets in the U.S.A. and Europe, from someone who has successfully done it. .....

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