Writing Place in Fiction and Non-Fiction

Writing Place in Fiction and Non-Fiction

Who: Vanessa Berry
Saturday 4 November, 10am-4pm
Cost: Full Price:
$180; Member: $125; Conc Member: $110

Places are full of stories, and every story has its place. Whether place is setting or subject, the skillful writing of place enriches your stories and connection with your readers. Landscape or cityscape, familiar or faraway, this workshop will build your ability to capture the essence of places so they come to life on the page.

Discover forms of place-based writing including psychogeography and nature writing, and how you can bring elements of these styles into fiction and non-fiction. You will learn a set of experiments and exercises that engage you with place, key research skills for deepening your knowledge and understanding of places, and how to use your research to enhance character and narrative.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Develop place-writing techniques that can be used in fiction and nonfiction.
  • Build knowledge of a range of place writing, from classic texts to contemporary examples.
  • Understand the varying role that place plays in literary texts, and bring this understanding to your own writing work.

Participant Requirements
Pen and paper

About the tutor
Vanessa Berry
writes the mysteries and secrets of Sydney on her popular blog, Mirror Sydney. She has over 10 years’ experience teaching writing, and currently teaches in media at Macquarie University and creative writing at the University of Sydney. She is the author of two memoirs, Ninety9 and Strawberry Hills Forever, and her book of Mirror Sydney will be published in late 2017. She is also a visual artist: her work has been exhibited at galleries such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia and the National Gallery of Australia.


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