Writing History: You Can’t Google It!

Writing History: You Can’t Google It!

Who: Mark Dapin
Saturday 17 February, 10am-4pm
Cost: Full Price:
$195; Member: $135; Conc Member: $120

It takes more than just Google! Mark Dapin interviewed 160 people and spent two and a half years reading press clippings and searching government archives to produce his prize-winning history of Australia’s Vietnam-era national service scheme, The Nashos’ War.  In this workshop, Mark will focus on developing interviewing skills, checking facts, and working with archived documents. He will teach how to separate facts from folklore and, perhaps most importantly, how to turn cold dead facts into living, vibrant prose. He will also discuss researching and writing family histories and personal memoirs. 

Participant Requirements
Pen and paper

About the tutor
Mark Dapin is the author of The Nashos’ War, a highly acclaimed history of the Vietnam-era national service scheme in Australia. He is also editor of the Penguin Book of Australian War Writing and another Penguin anthology, From the Trenches: the Best ANZAC Writing of World War One. and a PhD candidate in history at [email protected] In addition to his work as a historian, Mark is a very well known journalist, and the author of several novels, all of them set in different times and places, from the Burma Railway in World War Two to Kings Cross in the 1960s.


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