Travel Writing

Travel Writing

Who: Kate J Armstrong
Saturday 13 May, 10am–4pm
Cost: Full Price:
$180; Member: $125; Conc Member: $110
Level: Early/emerging writers

Participants will learn how to turn their travel adventures into engaging pieces of prose. This workshop will immerse participants in the world of travel writing, exploring the tips and tricks that travel writers use to make readers feel like they’ve been there too. Participants will find out how to employ techniques from fiction and memoir to make the place and experience they’re writing about come to life on the page.

The course is split into four parts: first, an overview of what travel writing is – where it originated, its core facets, and the different forms it can take. Second, a practical discussion about how to conduct research, write an outline (part of the lesson here is about how planning ahead is really helpful for this form of writing), and how to incorporate research into a piece of travel writing in ways that make it stronger. The third part has students reading several pieces of travel writing, then breaking into groups to evaluate that piece of writing from a particular angle. Afterwards, we discuss what the class has discovered and use that as a way of exploring what makes for an engaging travel narrative. Part four builds on that discussion by introducing tips on how to use the techniques of fiction – things like setting, point of view, and characterisation – to invite a reader into a travel narrative. This last part of the class will see students completing several short writing exercises, then reflecting on the results and what they’ve picked up from practicing each technique.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn about the many forms travel writing can take and which one is right for you
  2. How to identify the details and anecdotes that will make your story leap off the page
  3. How to use framing, point of view, world building, and character development to invite a reader into your travel experience

Participant Requirements
Optional: Feel free to bring a piece of your travel writing for your own reference during working activities.

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About the tutor
Kate J Armstrong
writes and edits books about travel, nature, and adventures of all kinds. As editor, she’s helped adventurers tell their stories in books like National Geographic’s Everest: Mountain Without Mercy and special editions like The World’s Most Beautiful Places. As writer, she’s explored the wonder of national parks in National Geographic’s Greatest Parks of the World and the interesting histories of everyday objects in An Uncommon History of Common Things 2. She splits her time between Melbourne and Washington, D.C., and goes adventuring as often as she can.


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