Blogging For Beginners

Blogging For Beginners

Who: Will Kostakis
2 x Saturday mornings: 29 April & 6 May 10am-1pm
Cost: Full Price:
$220; Member: $155; Conc Member: $130          
Level: Beginner to Intermediate

**To complete this course, please check that you are confident and able to complete the following technical tasks. If you are unsure, contact the Centre on 9555 9757.

  • Access your email account remotely, for example, from a computer that is not your own
  • Upload files to the internet
  • Access a wi-fi internet connection
  • Download and install computer software
  • Use an external storage device such as a USB
  • Install and operate computer accessories such as a printer
  • Use the internet with confidence based on frequent experience
  • Understand what is meant by the term ‘social media’ and identify websites that fit into this category

There are two things a writer wants: to be published, and to be read. Thanks to advances in technology, the former has become a lot easier. All you need is a blog and time to fill it. A blog is an online journal that allows you to share your writing, be it creative, journalistic, or simply a personal account of your life. But there’s a big difference between being published and being read.

This beginner-intermediate course will demonstrate just how easy it is to set up and maintain a blog, with YA author and blogger Will Kostakis guiding you through creating an account and publishing your writing. He will also guide you through practical exercises in constructing posts that will attract and engage an audience. Writing for blogs requires a specific skills set.  The best blogs aren’t just thoughts on a webpage, they have a clear voice – Will will help you find and express your voice.

But the learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. In the week between classes, Will will continue the lessons – online. There are some things that cannot be taught in a classroom, and working at home, on your own blog, at your own pace, you will be given time to try your hand at being a blogger, building your network, and attracting an audience.

Expected Learning Outcomes
The students will learn about blogging platform Wordpress, and how to use its tools to improve the functionality of their blogs.

The student will learn basic search engine optimisation, and how to build an audience.

The student will learn how to write for the web.

ŸThe student will gain practical experience in managing a blog.

A Week by Week Course Breakdown
Week One

A technical introduction to blogging – how to sign up, basic customisation, getting your blog online. You will be encouraged to bring your laptop and sign up in class.

A creative introduction to blogging – practical exercises in how to find your voice, how to write in a way that attracts a readership.

During the week students will be given three 25-minute practical exercises:

  1. Create your blog and connect it to Twitter/Facebook.
  2. Customise: Select a layout and add at least one widget.
  3. Connect with other blogs (compile a Blogroll and link to other online posts – become engaged in the online community)

Students will also be asked to write three blog posts and will be encouraged to take up reading a variety of blogs, of ranging concerns and styles.

Week Two
Reflection on the homework tasks: looking back on your week as a blogger, what you learned, what you can improve on.

Attracting an audience – the technical things to do.

‘Where to from here?’ Shaping the future of your blog, from making it unique, to ‘refining’ your personal journalism with more advanced practical writing exercises.

Participant Requirements
Home or local internet access and a laptop to bring to class

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About the tutor
Will Kostakis
is a journalist, blogger and YA author. Initially set up to shamelessly promote his first book Loathing Lola, his personal blog has evolved into so much more, leading to a career as a web producer. He has spent the past seven years conducting creative writing workshops for a range of diverse audiences. His latest novel is The Sidekicks.


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