The Little Red Writing Book

The Little Red Writing Book

by Mark Tredinnick

‘The Little Red Writing book is a welcome companion for all of us who work with the English language. The author tells us what we need to know as writers and shows us how it’s done with grace and care. He offers fresh and memorable examples of good writing with a music-maker’s ear for words in tune. He guides us with personality and commonsense, from precision editing to poetic freedoms, all the time making complex things clear and simple. This is a book for every writer’s backpack.’

Nicholas Jose

‘In The Little Red Writing Book Mark Tredinnick reminds us of something too often forgotten: that real writing begins in words, and the power of language to make the world anew. At once a practical guide to writing better and a deeply personal exploration of the writer’s craft it is that rarest of things: a writing manual that actually works.’

James Bradley

‘Good writing says something very honest, very clearly. It’s partly a matter of technique, but mostly a matter of courage. Mark Tredinnick’s book is great on sentences, paragraphs, and practice – but its brilliance is in its ability to inspire, and its exhortation to be brave.’

Anna Funder

Mark Tredinnick is a poet, essayist and writing teacher. His books include The Land’s Wild Music (2005) and A Place on Earth. His memoir, The Blue Plateau will appear in 2009. Mark is at work on a collection of poems, a book on the consolations of reading in a frantic age, and (with Geoff Whyte) The Little Black Book of Business Writing (UNSW Press 2009).

Published by UNSW Press


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