Centre Staff

Executive Director

Jane McCredie

Jane is responsible for the overall strategic direction and management of the Centre.

Program Manager

Julia Tsalis

Julia manages all of the diverse programming and activities that the Centre undertakes.

Business and Property Manager

Jeanne Kinninmont
Jeanne is responsible for the Centre’s financial and office management as well as venue hire of Garry Owen House.

Program Officer

Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Ashley is responsible for the organisation and administration of Centre courses and other programs. Ashley also compiles and edits Newsbite.

Communications and Project Officer

Bridget Lutherborrow

Bridget is responsible for the organisation and administration of Centre events, festivals and competitions, including Talking Writing. She is also the voice behind the Centre’s social media and communications.

Membership and Development Officer

Sherry Landow

Sherry is responsible for the organisation and administration of the Centre’s member activities, such as the writers’ group program and First Friday Club. She also coordinates the Writing NSW grants program.

Administration Officer

Cassie Watson

Cassie is responsible for processing membership applications and renewals. She also processes payments for membership and events and looks after the Centre’s library.


Reilly Keir (Membership Intern)

Susie Ferre (Program Intern)

Victoria Gutierrez (Communications Intern)



A team of caretakers is responsible for the upkeep of the Centre’s building and facilities including cleaning, gardening, room set-up and maintenance.

To contact any of our staff, simply email the Centre with the subject heading ‘ATTN [staff person name]‘.

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