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Newswrite is a bimonthly 24-page members magazine with a full-color wrap-around cover. It is produced by the NSW Writers’ Centre, Sydney. Three thousand copies are distributed to NSW Writers’ Centre members, key industry stakeholders, government bodies and other arts organisations across the country. It’s a magazine that encourages and inspires our members to write and to get their writing noticed. It’s about opening up opportunities to our readership by promoting writing competitions, workshops and events – getting readers and writers familiar with the wider NSW literary community and publishing industry. The variety of articles in each issue, include: writers’ special feature pieces, interviews – capturing the dialogue between known authors, NSW Writers Centre course information, and writing hints and tips, which entertain, inform and engage with our readers.

A Quick Snapshot of our Readership

They are highly intelligent, creative and accessible professionals – many of whom are working at breaking into the literary scene and getting their work recognized and published. Our readership also extends to professional authors who are active in the wider literary community. While our readership is predominantly female skewed and aged 26+, Newswrite has a broad demographic appeal with diverse – with diverse writer-focused content. In a recent membership survey 12.6% of members indicated they joined the NSW Writers’ Centre just to subscribe to Newswrite. The median income of a NSW Writers’ Centre member is around $55,000 PA. While, on average, our members spend just under $1000 throughout the year on writing materials and associated products and services.

Advertiser Benefits

  • Access to a community of avid readers and writers – They want to find out about products and services that will help them pursue their interests and make the writing process, from initial idea to publication and beyond, as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • A readership that uses Newswrite as an information source – Our readers are very keen for information about what’s going on in the wider literary community. They want to know about innovative ways of improving their writing and about alternative avenues for publishing their work.
  • Our readership is engaged in communications – Our readers regularly access newspapers, websites, radio, free-to-air and pay-TV, magazines, consult universities and writer specific journals, subscribe to e-newsletters (including our own – Newsbite), engage with social media online in order to find out more about what’s going on in the literary scene and how to get the most out of their writing.
  • Advertise with low advertising to editorial ratios – Getting your ad noticed by a dedicated audience with an added 12.1% of our readers passing on their copy of Newswrite to others – is value added and cost effective. There are a range of options to tailor your advertising to our readers.


Click here to download the advertising rates and specifications for Newswrite. For more information call 02 9555 9757 or email the Advertising Coordinator.

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