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There is a great demand to use the Centre as a vehicle for promotion as well as make use of direct access to its membership. Due to the level of demand there are restrictions on what the Centre can offer.

Free Advertising

There are three overriding restrictions on any free advertising:

1. The Centre will not freely promote businesses. Businesses seeking promotion are directed to our paid advertising opportunities.

2. The New South Wales Writers’ Centre will never advertise or promote events or causes of a political nature or those designed to alter public opinion.

3. The NSWWC will never freely promote workshops similar to its own calendar of workshop opportunities.

All free promotion is at the discretion of the New South Wales Writers’ Centre and no guarantee is given that the promotion will be placed.


Our weekly e-newsletter, Newsbite, contains an Opportunities for Writers section, in which we list primarily competitions, residencies, grants and submissions. Please send your opportunity to the Newsbite editor and note that listings are at the discretion of the editor.


The NSW Writers’ Centre, located at Garry Owen House, has two areas for free display advertising. These are the noticeboard and the flyer rack.

The noticeboard is primarily used for the Centre’s own promotion. Flyers for other organisations and other events will be put up as space allows. All information must be a service for writers, have a clear end date and not be for a business.

The flyer rack has space for approximately 10 different pamphlets.

All advertising within the NSWWC must be approved by Centre staff.

Paid Advertising

If you are not eligible for free advertising, or if the opportunities for free advertising at the Centre do not fit your needs, you might wish to consider taking up one of our paid advertising options. The Centre has paid advertising available in our magazine, Newswrite and as weekly email broadcasts. Please visit the appropriate pages on our website for more details on both of these options.

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