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The NSW Writers’ Centre exists to promote writing-based culture and the rights and interests of writers in NSW.

Our mission is to make a difference to writers. The NSW Writers’ Centre brings aspirational, emerging, developing and established writers together as a community through the provision of a suite of writing programs and services that support, develop and promote a writing culture.

We will make key decisions about how we operate as well as how we achieve our vision and priorities based upon the following core values:

  • A commitment to promoting, highlighting and maintaining the value of writers and writing.
  • That writers should be involved in all levels of the organisation, including a board representation that is not less than 40% of the board.
  • That we operate with integrity and credibility and in an ethical manner with partnerships which support sustainability and highlight the role of the writer in society.
  • That we run the organisation with the highest level of transparency and accountability in our governance.

The NSW Writers’ Centre was established as an incorporated association in May 1991 to promote writing-based culture and the rights and interests of writers. It is a non-profit (for public benefit) organisation and 20% of the Centre’s income is derived from grants provided by the Australia Council, the NSW Ministry for the Arts and other sources. The balance comes from membership fees, income from workshops, seminars and other literary functions, from the sale of publications and from the hire of the building.

The organisation’s headquarters are in historic Garry Owen House in Callan Park, Lilyfield. Callan Park is managed by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

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