Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow podcast: New Nature Writing

This is a podcast recorded at the Emerging Writers’ Festival Roadshow. The Emerging Writers’ Festival returned to the NSW Writers’ Centre, to present the best of their annual ten-day festival in a special one-day event, including a series of panels and discussions about writing, writers and literary life.

New Nature Writing
Nature is all around us, but with the way we live in the world rapidly changing, is the way we write about nature changing too? Two engaged writers look at what we mean when we refer to “eco-poetics”.

Click to listen to Part 1: New Nature Writing1

Click to listen to Part 2: New Nature Writing2

Peter Minter is a leading Australian poet, editor and scholar. He is the poetry editor of Overland and author of the collections Empty Texas and blue grass. He is the editor, with Anita Heiss, of the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Aboriginal Literature.

Rebecca Giggs is a Sydney-based writer and academic whose writing of deals with nature and the landscape. Scribe will release her first book, on whales, in 2013.

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